Jane Austen’s Emma ~ Borner Cover Short-Listed by the V&A

This cover to Jane Austen’s Emma has been short-listed by the V&A in the “Book Jacket and Cover”  category for its 2012 Illustration Awards.  The cover was designed by Petra Borner and published by Bonnier in 2011.


The Swedish paperback series Albert Bonniers klassiker has long been around. But the entire series has gotten a facelift with graphic designer Petra Börner’s new covers to Jane Austin’s Emma, Hjlmar Söderberg’s The Serious Game, Marguerite Duras’ The Lover and John Fowle’s The French Lieutenant’s Woman. The books are published by sister publisher Bonnier Pocket and the theme is romance. And with the new release, the publisher has started a campaign in social media that’s already shown results.

[from the Bonnier website]

I shall forgive them for the misspelling of “Austin’s” name, because the cover is so lovely… but really, the publisher’s website has this wrong??!

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9 thoughts on “Jane Austen’s Emma ~ Borner Cover Short-Listed by the V&A

    • And what would an “Emma-y feeling” look like!? – perhaps a picture of her match-making nose in other’s people’s lives? – how would we depict that?!

      Thanks for stopping by Peter!


  1. The cover isn’t aesthetically pleasing, imo. I hope no one takes offense. I get the hand; “she had a hand in it.” But the colors seem all wrong, as do the choice of flowers and leaves.
    I know readers shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but the marketers know we do, which is why they spend so much money on them.


    • Hello Patriot – yes, it doesn’t have the ‘softness’ we would expect on an Austen cover – but I think one must look at Borner’s other work to see what she was doing here… and it is rather refreshing to have something other than the Regency era graphics, as much as I love them..

      I appreciate you visiting – esp your comment about not ‘judging a book by its cover’ – which of course is what jane Austen was all about, wasn’t she?!


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