The World of Jane Austen ~ Literature & Austen’s Circle

[Includes general sources on 18th and 19th century literature; see below for sources on individual authors by name] – and in process like everything else…


LITERATURE   SOURCES   [in process]


  1. Backscheider, Paula R., ed.  Revising Women:  Eighteenth-Century “Women’s Fiction” and Social Engagement.  Johns Hopkins University Press, 2000.
  2. Brown, Julia Prewitt. A Reader’s Guide to the Nineteenth-Century English Novel.  Macmillan, 1985.  
  3. Hughes, Kristine.  The Writer’s Guide to Everyday Life in Regency and Victorian England, from 1811-1901.  Writer’s Digest Books, 1998.
  4. Pool, Daniel.  Dickens’ Fur Coat and Charlotte’s Unanswered Letters:  the rows and romances of England’s great Victorian novelists.  NY:  HarperCollins, 1997.
  5. Pool, Daniel.  What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew: from fox-hunting to whist – the facts of daily life in Nineteenth-century England.  NY:  Simon & Schuster, 1993.
  6. Steeves, Harrison R.  Before Jane Austen:  the Shaping of the English Novel in the Eighteenth Century. NY:  Holt Rinehart and Winston, 1965.  [final chapter is on Jane Austen]
Primary Sources:


The Bluestocking Archive

The Brontes:

Charlotte Bronte:   [see my full post here]

Anne Bronte: [see my full post here]

There are many sites devoted to the Brontes; I append here a few of them which offer additional links.

 And for those who like BOOKS! (there are many…here are a few of the recent works I recommend)

  • *Chitham, Edward.  A Life of Anne Bronte.  Blackwell, 1991.
  • *Barker, Juliet.  The Brontes.  St. Martins 1995.
  • *Barker, Juliet.  The Brontes:  A Life in Letters.  Overlook Press, 1997.
  • *Chitham, Edward, ed.  The Poems of Anne Bronte.  London, 1979.
  • *Miller, Lucasta.  The Bronte Myth.  Knopf, 2003.

Frances Burney:


Charles Dickens: [see my full post here]

George Eliot:

Elizabeth Gaskell: [see my full post here]

A few biographies: by Angus Easson (London, 1979); Winifred Gerin (Oxford, 1980); Aina Rubenius, The Woman Question in Mrs. Gaskell’s Life and Work (Upsala, 1950); Jenny Uglow, Elizabeth Gaskell: A Habit of Stories (London, 1993)1

Mrs. Gaskell’s Works:

  1. Mary Barton: A Tale of Manchester Life, anonymous (2 volumes, London: Chapman & Hall, 1848; 1 volume, New York: Harper, 1848);
  2. Libbie Marsh’s Three Eras: A Lancashire Tale, as Cotton Mather Mills, Esquire (London: Hamilton, Adams, 1850);
  3. Lizzie Leigh: A Domestic Tale, from “Household Words,” attributed to Charles Dickens (New York: Dewitt & Davenport, 1850);
  4. The Moorland Cottage, anonymous (London: Chapman & Hall, 1850; New York: Harper, 1851);
  5. Ruth: A Novel, anonymous (3 volumes, London: Chapman & Hall, 1853; 1 volume, Boston: Ticknor, Reed & Fields, 1853);
  6. Cranford, anonymous (London: Chapman & Hall, 1853; New York: Harper, 1853);
  7. Lizzie Leigh and Other Tales, anonymous (London: Chapman & Hall, 1855; Philadelphia: Hardy, 1869);
  8. Hands and Heart and Bessy’s Troubles at Home, anonymous (London: Chapman & Hall, 1855);
  9. North and South, anonymous (2 volumes, London: Chapman & Hall, 1855; 1 volume, New York: Harper, 1855);
  10. The Life of Charlotte Brontë; Author of “Jane Eyre,” “Shirley,” “Villette” etc., 2 volumes (London: Smith, Elder, 1857; New York: Appleton, 1857);
  11. My Lady Ludlow, A Novel (New York: Harper, 1858); republished as Round the Sofa (2 volume’s, London: Low, 1858);
  12. Right at Last, and Other Tales (London: Low, 1860; New York: Harper, 1860);
  13. Lois the Witch and Other Tales (Leipzig: Tauchnitz 1861);
  14. Sylvia’s Lovers (3 volumes, London: Smith, Elder, 1863; 1 volume, New York: Dutton, 1863);
  15. A Dark Night’s Work (London: Smith, Elder, 1863; New York: Harper, 1863);
  16. Cousin Phillis: A Tale (New York: Harper, 1864); republished as Cousin Phillis and Other Tales (London: Smith, Elder, 1865);
  17. The Grey Woman and Other Tales (London: Smith, Elder, 1865; New York: Harper, 1882);
  18. Wives and Daughters: An Every-Day Story (2 volumes, London: Smith, Elder, 1866; 1 volume, New York: Harper, 1866).

(this list from the Edgar Wright Gaskell Page)

Thomas Hardy:

Samuel Johnson:

 John Milton

Samuel Pepys

Ann Radcliffe: [see here for my full Radcliffe post]

The Works:

Online Sources:

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