The Novel:
          *1816 edition vol. I; vol. II; vol. III   (all: complete)
          *1896 edition (Hugh Thomson illustrated) (Live Search Books)
          *The Novels & Letters of JA (1906; Brock illustrated) vol. VII; vol. VIII
*R.W. Chapman’s 1923 edition vol. IV

          *Brock’s illustrations (solitary-elegance.com)
more Brock illustrations
*Thomson’s illustrations (
*Audio at LibriVox

 Principal Characters in Emma :

from Wikipedia

from Pemberley (genealogy); also their Janes-names list

index of all characters, from Chapman’s 1923 edition (pp. 519-21)

 Emma – History & Criticism:

Folsom, Marcia McClintock, ed.  Approaches to Teaching Austen’s Emma.  NY:  Modern Language Association of America, 2004.

Emma links:

JAIV posts on Emma:

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