The Novel:
          *1818 edition vol. III; vol. IV (vol. 4: complete)
          *1913 edition, NA&P (Hugh Thomson illustrated) (Internet Archive)
          *The Novels & Letters of JA (1906; Brock illustrated) vol. X
*R.W. Chapman’s 1923 edition, NA&P vol. V

           *Brock’s illustrations (
more Brock illustrations
*Audio at LibriVox

Principal Characters in Persuasion:

from Wikipedia

from Pemberley (genealogy); also their Janes-names list

index of all characters, from Chapman’s 1923 edition (pp. 292-4)

Persuasion links:

Where’s Where in Jane Austen’s Novels: a map of all the places in Persuasion courtesy of JASNA and JASA (and the intro page with explanation & links to all maps).

A calendar for Persuasion, by Ellen Moody

A companion article on Austen’s use of Almanacs in her writing (Ellen Moody); a surprising conclusion: “Excepting only Northanger Abbey, Austen makes sure a certain kind of pivotal event in her longer finished novels occurs on a TUESDAY.” Hmmm…

A Study Guide to Persuasion from Grand Valley State University.

3 thoughts on “Persuasion

  1. Thank you so much for having this information available. I am doing a project about Persuasion and the map and other links were extremely helpful!


    • Hello Elisa, Glad that you found this helpful – this Persuasion page is a work in progress and there could be so much more on it … you will find many other things on the internet [there is much out there!] – the site has maps of all the novels, including Bath. Good luck with your project [Persuasion is my favorite novel!]
      Thank you for visiting – if you have other questions, please do ask…


  2. Who is the famous writer( politician?) who allegedly said, when in Lyme,
    “Forget Wellington’s Monument! Just show me where Louisa Musgrove fell off those steps?”– I’m sure I don’t have the quotation just right, but your readers will know what I mean. And thanks!


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