Austen Literary History & Criticism


Books / Journals:

  1. Auerbach, Emily.  Searching for Jane Austen.  Madison, WI:  University of Wisconsin Press, 2004.  [Includes the full text of Mark Twian’s “Jane Austen” and Auerbach’s article on “Did Mark Twian Really Hate Jane Austen?”]
  2. Apperson, G.L. A Jane Austen Dictionary.  (c1932, 1976). Identifies people and places from Jane’s life, as well as her writings.
  3. Black, Maggie, Deirdre Le Faye.  The Jane Austen Cookbook.  London:  British Museum Press, 1995.
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  8. Collins, Irene.  Jane Austen and the Clergy.  London:  Hambledon Press, 1994.
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  21. Grey, J. David (managing ed.); A. Walton Litz and Brian Southam (consulting eds.). The Jane Austen Companion: With A Dictionary of Jane Austen’s Life and Works, by H. Abigail Bok (1986). With contributions from leading Austen scholars, and topics ranging from ‘Dress and Fashion’ (Penelope Byrd) to ‘Travel and Transportation’ (Lorraine Hanaway), this is a ‘companion’ volume you will cherish.
  22. Halperin,John and Janet Kunert.  Plots and Characters in the Fiction of Jane Austen, the Brontes, and George Eliot.  Hamden, CT:  Archon, 1976.
  23. Handler, Richard, and Daniel Segal.  Jane Austen and the Fiction of Culture: as Essay on the Narration of Social Realities. Lanham, MD:  Rowman & Littlefield, 1999. 
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  28. Harris, Jocelyn.  A Revolution almost Beyond Expression:  Jane Austen’s Persuasion.  University of Delaware Press, 2007.
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  30. Hubert, Maria [comp.]  Jane Austen’s Christmas:  the festive season in Georgian England.  Stroud, UK:  Sutton, 1996.
  31. Jenkyns, Richard.  A Fine Brush on Ivory:  an appreciation or Jane Austen.  Oxford:  Oxford University Press, 2004.
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  33. Johnson, Claudia L. and Clara Tuite, eds.  A Companion to Jane Austen.  West Sussex, UK:  Wiley-Blackwell, 2009.  A collection of 42 essays.  Invaluable resource.
  34. Jones, Hazel.  Jane Austen & Marriage.  Continuum Books, 2009
  35. Kaplan, Deborah.  Jane Austen Among Women.  Baltimore:  Johns Hopkins University Press, 1992.
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  37. _________________________ .  More Talk of Jane Austen.  London:  Cassell, 1950.
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  43. Lascelles, Mary.  Jane Austen and Her Art.  Oxford University Press, 1939.  The very best must-have…
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  71. ___________, ed.  Jane Austen: The Critical Heritage.  Routledge, 1968.  a major must-have…
  72. ____________.  Jane Austen’s literary Manuscripts.  Oxford University Press, 1964.
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  79. Waldron, Mary.  Jane Austen and the Fiction of Her Time.  Cambridge University Press, 1999.
  80. Wallace, Robert K.  Jane Austen and Mozart:  classical equilibrium in fiction and music.  University of Georgia Press, 2009 [first published in 1983] – the appendix “Jane Austen at the Keyboard” is worth the price of admission.
  81. Weldon, Fay.  Letters to Alice on First Reading Jane Austen.  NY:  Carroll & Graf, 1990, c1984.
  82. Wright, Andrew H.  Jane Austen’s Novels: a study in structure.  London: Chatto & Windus, 1961.


Persuasions, The Jane Austen Journal –  The annual journal of JASNA, earlier issues are available online; back-issues also available for purchase[JASNA 1979 – present]

Persuasions, The Jane Austen Journal On-line  – since 1999, this online edition offers many articles not in the printed journal  [JASNA, 1999-present]

JASNA News:  Book Reviews

JAS  Report – the annual report of the Jane Austen Society of the UK, not available online:

Collected Reports of The Jane Austen Society:

  • Volume 1 (1949 – 1965)
  • Volume 2 (1966 – 1975)
  • Volume 3 (1976 – 1985)
  • Volume 4 (1986 – 1995)
  • Volume 5 (1996 – 2000) – includes index 1949 – 2000
  • Volume 6 (2001 – 2005)

JASA Sensibilities –  the journal of the Jane Austen Society of Australia, is published twice yearly and is sent free to JASA members.  A few select articles are available online or in summary form; see also the JASA Book Reviews, some available online. And see  “10 Lives of Jane Austen Compared“, a collection of book reviews of ten of the leading biographies on Austen and how they compare.

Jane Austen’s Regency World Magazine




[See also The World of Jane Austen ~ Literature & Austen’s Literary Circle page ]

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