Juvenilia & Minor Works

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The Manuscripts:

 Under the direction of Professor Sutherland, and a joint project of the University of Oxford and Kings College London, the Centre for Computing in the Humanities of King’s College London has published the website: Jane Austen’s Fiction Manuscripts. The site includes transcriptions as well as high quality facsimiles.

See Jane Austen’s Fiction Manuscripts for more information on the project.

Click here for access to each of the Manuscripts now available online:

•          Volume the First, Bodleian Library, Oxford
•          Volume the Second, British Library, London
•          Volume the Third, British Library, London
•          Lady Susan, Morgan Library & Museum, New York
•          Susan, Morgan Library & Museum, New York
•          The Watsons, Morgan Library & Museum, New York
•          The Watsons, Queen Mary, University of London, London
•          Persuasion, British Library, London
•          Sanditon, King’s College Cambridge, Cambridge
•          Opinions of Mansfield Park Opinions of Emma, British Library, London
•          Plan of a Novel, according to hints from various quarters, Morgan           Library & Museum, New York
•          Profits of my Novels, Morgan Library & Museum, New York


The Juvenilia:

Which works are designated as Austen’s Juvenilia? See Cambridge University Press for background.

The History of England – the British Library features online images of the original Austen document!  Transcription and even an audio option is available.  The audio gives background on the Juvenilia (see the Introduction), as well as a lively reading of the text. Delightful pictures drawn and painted by Cassandra Austen.

Love & Freindship and Other Early Works (also includes: Lesley Castle, The History of England, Collection of Letters, Scraps) – this online edition includes a preface by G.K. Chesterton (1922).

The Minor Works:

Which works are designated as Austen’s Minor Works? See Cambridge University Press for background.

Lady Susan

The Watsons


Minor Works links:

Discover the ‘rediscovery’ of “Young Jane’s Joke,” her play Sir Charles Grandison.

For a complete reading of Samuel Richardson’s The History of Sir Charles Grandison, reportedly Austen’s favorite book, look for the 7-volumes online at Google Books or at Internet Archive.

JAIV posts on the Juvenilia

JAIV posts on the Minor Works

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