Index of Characters, Emma

The two Abbotts (75).

John Abdy, and his son (383).

Mrs. BATES, widow of the Rev. Mr. Bates, Vicar of Highbury (21); her daughters: Hetty (157); Jane, m. Lieut. Fairfax (163).

Miss Bickerton (323).

Mrs. Bird (277).

Mrs. Bragge (299).

the Braithwaites (122).

Mrs. Brown (182).

Colonel and Mrs. CAMPBELL (163); their daughter, m. Mr. Dixon (164) ; 12,000£ (169).

Mr. and Mrs. CHURCHILL, of Enscombe in Yorkshire; Miss Churchill (Mr. Churchill’s sister ?) m. Captain Weston (15); Frank C. (? Churchill) Weston Churchill (96), son of Mr. and Mrs. Weston, nephew and adopted heir of Mr. and Mrs. Churchill, m. Jane Fairfax.

Mr. and Mrs. Cole (207).

Mr. William Coxe, lawyer (137); a second young Cox (248); the two Miss Coxes (248); Miss Anne Cox (232).

Mrs. James Cooper (277).

Mr. DIXON, of Balycraig in Ireland (159); m. Miss Campbell.

the Rev. Philip ELTON, Vicar of Highbury (66, 186); m. Miss Augusta Hawkins.

Lieutenant FAIRFAX (163); m. Miss Jane Bates; their daughter Jane, 20 (104), m. Frank Churchill.

Mrs. Ford (178).

the two Gilberts (248).

Mrs. Goddard (21).

Mr. Graham (104).

Mr. Green (182).

Hannah (9).

Miss Selina HAWKINS, m. Mr. Suckling; Miss Augusta, ‘so many thousands as would always be called ten’ (181); m. Mr. Elton.

Mrs. Hodges, housekeeper at Donwell (239).

Dr. and Mrs. Hughes; Mr. Richard Hughes (323).

James, coachman at Hartfield (8).

Mrs. Jeffereys – see Partridge.

Mr. George (462) KNIGHTLEY, of Donwell Abbey in Surry; 37 or 38 (9); m. Emma Woodhouse. His brother John, m. Isabella Woodhouse; their children, Henry, John, Bella, George (45), Emma (99).

William Larkins (238).

Mrs. MARTIN; her children: Mr. Robert Martin, of Abbey-Mill-Farm, m. Harriet Smith; the Miss Martins (Elizabeth and another, 31).

the two Milmans (277).

Farmer Mitchell (12).

Miss Nash (69).

Mr. and Mrs. Otway, Miss Otway, Miss Caroline, Mr. George, Mr. Arthur (323).

Mrs. Partridge (275); Miss Clara Partridge (Mrs. Jeffereys, 277).

Patty (236).

Mr. Perry, apothecary at Highbury; Mrs. Perry, the little Perrys (19).

Miss Prince (29).

Miss Richardson (29).

John Saunders (236).

Serle (172).

Mrs. Smallridge (380).

Harriet SMITH, 17 (64), the natural daughter of somebody (22); m. Robert Martin.

Mrs. Stokes (252).

Mr. Suckling, of Maple Grove, near Bristol; m. Miss Selina Hawkins.

Miss Taylor – see Weston.

the Tupmans (310).

Tom (383).

Mrs. Wallis (236).

Mr. (Captain) WESTON; m. (1) Miss Churchill of Enscombe, q.v. ; (2) Miss Anna (Anne 304) Taylor; their daughter Anna (462).

Mr. Wingfield (92).

Mr. Henry (80) WOODHOUSE, of Hartfield, Highbury, Surry; his daughters: Isabella, m. Mr. John Knightley; Emma, 20 (5) ; 30,000£ (135) ; m. Mr. Knightley.

Wright, housekeeper at the Vicarage (283, 324).

2 thoughts on “Index of Characters, Emma

    • Hello Justin,

      Serle is Mr. Woodhouse’s Cook – “Serle understands boiling an egg better than any body. I would not recommend an egg boiled by any body else …”

      Typical of Austen not to mention about the servants except the occasional name dropped into the text…!

      Thanks for stopping by,


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