Jane Austen’s Reading ~ a Bibliography

[a list of the books that Jane Austen read – in progress]

LITERATURE & POETRY: [including novels!]

  1. Barrett, Eaton Stannard.  The Heroine: or adventures of a Fair Romance Reader.  London:  Henry Colburn, 1813.
  2. Bridges, Samuel Egerton. Arthur Fitz-Albini: A Novel.
  3. *Brunton, Mary.  Discipline. 1814.
  4. ___________ .  Self-control: A Novel.    1811.
  5. Burney, Frances.  Evelina. 
  6.  _____________.  The Wanderer; or, Female Difficulties.  London:  Longman, 1814.
  7. Burney, Sarah Harriet.  Clarentine: A Novel.
  8. Cowper, William.  The Task. 
  9. _____________ .  Verses.
  10. Crabbe, George.  Preface to the Borough.
  11. Edgeworth, Maria.  Castle Rackrent.  1800.
  12. _____________ .  Ennui. 1809
  13. _____________ . Patronage.  1814
  14. _____________ . Belinda.  1811
  15. Gordon, George, Lord Byron.  The Corsair.
  16.  ______________________.  The Works of the Right Hon. Lord Byron.  London:  John Murray, 1815.
  17. Hawkins, Laetitia Matilda.  Roseanne; or a Father’s Labour Lost.
  18. *Hays, Mary.  Memoirs of Emma Courtney.  1792.
  19. *Haywood, Eliza.  The History of Miss Betsey Thoughtless.  1751.
  20. Hunter, Rachel.  Lady Maclairn, the Victim of Villainy.
  21. *Inchbald, Elizabeth.  A Simple Story.  1791.
  22. Lennox, Charlotte.  The Female Quixote, or The Adventures of Arabella.  London:  A. Millar, 1752.
  23. Madame de Genlis.  Les Veillees du Chateau.
  24. More, Hannah.  Coelebs in Search of  Wife.  London:  T. Cadell, 1808.
  25. *Opie, Amelia.  Adeline Mowbray. 1804.
  26. Owenson, Sydney, Lady Morgan.  The Wild Irish Girl.
  27.  __________________.  Woman; or, Ida of Athens.  London:  Longman, 1809.
  28. Radcliffe, Ann.  The Italian.  1797.
  29. ___________.  The Mysteries of Udolpho.  1794.
  30. ___________.  The Romance of the Forest: Interspersed with Some Pieces of Poetry.  London:  T. Hookham, 1791.
  31. Richardson, Samuel.  The History of Sir Charles Grandison; in a Series of Letters.  London.
  32. Roche, Regina Maria.  The Children of the Abbey, a Tale.  Dublin: P. Wogan, 1801.
  33. *Rowson, Susanna.  Charlotte Temple.  1794.
  34. *Scott, Sarah.  Millenium Hall.  1762.
  35. Scott, Walter.  The Antiquary. Edinburgh:  Constable, 1816.
  36.  __________.  [Poetry]
  37.  __________.  Marmion: a Tale of Flodden Field. 
  38.  __________.  The Lady of the Lake. 
  39. Shakespseare, William.  The Complete Works…
  40. *Sheriden, Frances.  The Memoirs of Miss Sydney Bidulph.  1761.
  41. Sheriden, Richard Brinsley.  The Rivals, a Comedy.  London:  John Wilkie, 1775.
  42. Smith, Charlotte. Emmeline – the Orphan of the Castle. 1788.
  43. ____________ . The Old Manor House.  1793.
  44. Stephanie Felicite Ducrest de St. Albin Comtesse de Genlis.  Olympe et Theophile
  45.  ____________________.  Adele et Theodore. [Adelaide and Theodore]
  46. Sterne, Laurence.  Tristram Shandy.
  47. Swift, Jonathan.  Gulliver’s Travels.
  48. West, Jane.  Alicia De Lacy, an Historical Romance.  London:  Longman, 1814.


  1. Baretti, Joseph.  Account of the Manners and Customs of Italy.
  2. Barrow, John, ed.  Lord Macartney;s Journal of the Embassy to China.
  3. Bigland, John.  System of Geography and History.
  4.  ___________. Letters on the Modern History and Political Aspect of Europe.
  5. Boswell, James.  Tour to the hebrides.
  6. Buchanan, Claudius.  Christian Researches in Asia.
  7. Clarkson, Thomas.  History of the Abolition of the African Slave Trade.
  8. Combe, William.  The Tour of Doctor Syntax in Search of the Picturesque. 
  9. Gilpin, William.
  10. Gisborne, Thomas.  An Enquiry into the Duties of  the Female Sex.
  11. Grant, Anne of Laggan.  Letters from the Mountains; Being the Real Correspondence of a Lady, Between the Years 1773 and 1803.  London: Longman, 1806.
  12. Henry, Robert.  History of Great Britain.
  13. Johnson, Samuel.  Letter to Boswell, 4 July 1774.
  14. Mackenzie, Sir George Steuart.  Travels in Iceland.
  15. Pasley, Sir Charles William.  Essay on the Military Policy and Institutions of the British Empire.
  16. Piozzi, Hester Lynch.  Letters to and from the Late Samuel Johnson.
  17. Sherlock, Thomas.  Several Discourses Preached at the Temple Church.
  18. Smith, James and Horatio Smith.  Rejected Addresses; or the New Theatrum Poetarum.




[* = to be verified that JA actually read – working on this!]


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