Index of Characters, Pride & Prejudice

Mrs. Annesley (226).

Mr. BENNET, of Longbourn-house in Hertfordshire; the estate was about 2,000£ a year (28 ) and 5,000£ was settled on his wife and children (308 ); m. —– Gardiner, daughter of a Meryton attorney, 4,000£ (28).

Their children: Jane, 22 (221), m. Charles Bingley; Elizabeth, 20 (166), m. Fitzwilliam Darcy; Mary, ‘obtained nothing higher than one of her uncle Philip’s clerks’, Memoir, ed. 2, p. 148 ; Catherine, ‘satisfactorily married to a clergyman near Pemberley’, Memoir, ed. 2, p. 148 ; Lydia, 15 (45), 16 (231), m. George Wickham.

Charles BINGLEY, 22 (16), 100,000£ (15); it is implied that he lived in London: m. Jane Bennet. His sisters : Louisa, 20,000£, m. Mr. Hurst; Caroline, 20,000£.

Captain Carter, of the —–shire Militia (29).

Mr. Chamberlayne, of the —–shire Militia (221).

the Rev. William COLLINS, Rector of Hunsford in Kent, cousin and heir (61) to Mr. Bennet; 25 (64); at one of the Universities (70) ; m. Charlotte Lucas.

Mr. DARCY the elder, of Pemberley in Derbyshire, m. Lady Anne Fitzwilliam; Fitzwilliam Darcy, his son, of Pemberley (and a town house, not named), 28 (369), 10,000£ a year (77); m. Elizabeth Bennet. His sister Georgiana, 16 (261), 30,000£ (202).

Dawson, Lady Catherine’s maid (211).

Sir Lewis de BOURGH, of Rosings Park in Kent (62) ; his widow, the Rt. Hon. Lady Catherine de Bourgh, daughter of the Earl of —– and sister of Lady Anne Darcy; their daughter, Anne (176).

Mr. Denny, of the —–shire Militia (28).

Colonel Fitzwilliam, younger son of the Earl of —– (183), nephew of Lady Catherine de Bourgh (180) and of Lady Anne Darcy (201).

Colonel Forster, commanding the —–shire Militia ; Harriet his wife (291).

Edward GARDINER, of Gracechurch-street (303), brother of Mrs. Bennet; his wife, M—– (325); their children.

the Gouldings (William, 316) of Haye-Park (310).

Miss Grantley (48).

Haggerston, an attorney (303).

Miss Harriet and Miss Pen Harrington (221).

Mrs. Hill, housekeeper at Longbourn (301).

Mr. Hurst, of Grosvenor-street (116); m. Louisa Bingley (30).

Mrs. Jenkinson, Miss de Bourgh’s companion.

John, the Collins’s servant (212).

John, the Gardiners’ servant (212, 280).

Mr. Jones, apothecary at Meryton (81).

Miss Mary King (220).

Mrs. Long; her two nieces (6, 342).

Sir William LUCAS, Knight, and Lady Lucas, of Lucas Lodge (18 ); their children, Charlotte, 27 (18 ), m. Mr. Collins; Maria; younger Miss Lucases (222); a boy (20).

Lady Metcalfe (165).

Colonel Millar (229).

Mr. Morris (3).

Mrs. Nicholls, housekeeper at Netherfield (55, 331).

Mr. Phillips, attorney in Meryton; m. Miss Gardiner (28).

Miss Pope (165).

Mr. Pratt, of the —–shire Militia (221).

Mrs. Reynolds, housekeeper at Pemberley (248).

Mr. Robinson (19).

Sally (292) may be the Sarah of 344.

Mr. Stone, Mr. Gardiner’s clerk ? (319).

Miss Watson (30).

the Miss Webbs (164).

Mr. WICKHAM, steward to old Mr. Darcy (94); his son George, Lieutenant in the —–shire Militia (74); Cambridge (200); m. Lydia Bennet.

Mrs. Younge (202).

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