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The Jane Austen Society of North America is dedicated to the enjoyment and appreciation of Jane Austen and her writing. JASNA is a nonprofit organization staffed by volunteers, with approximately 4,000 members and over 60 regional groups in the United States and Canada. Its members, who are of all ages and from diverse walks of life, share an enjoyment of Austen’s fiction and the company of like-minded readers.

Students, teachers, members, and visitors are invited to use the resources of this site to learn more about Jane Austen. The Publications section offers dozens of articles and book reviews on her writing, life, and times, all of which can be searched online.

Membership in JASNA is open to everyone who shares an interest in Jane Austen. We welcome your participation in JASNA’s activities, conferences, and regional groups.

[from the JASNA website]

You should check this site regularly for updates and news of events at the national and regional level.



[Members:  see also the JASNA-Members page [password protected] for our newsletter, The Pemberley Post, and other member information]

Some early PR when the Region first formed:

Barre-Montpelier Times-Argus / Rutland Herald – in January, 2008 two Vermont dailies ran Steve Pappas’ article on our newly-forming JASNA chapter. This Sunday edition treated Jane Austen to a full, front page LIVING SECTION article, to which (sans most of the photographs) the online version does not do full justice. Its title: Austen Found.

Seven Days is a Vermont (Burlington-based) independent weekly newspaper. In November, 2007 reporter Amy Lilly, who attended our JASNA-VT organizational meeting at the Kellogg-Hubbard Library in Montpelier, published this article on the meeting, entitled Austen Powers? Fans Launch ‘Society’ in Vermont.



2 thoughts on “JA Societies

  1. Dear Deb,

    Just found your website, and found it really interesting, especially the comments the JASNA AGM.

    We’d love to share with you the latest news about a wonderful new film on Jane Austen’s life and work, with a special focus on this two hundredth anniversary year, ‘Jane Austen – Overcoming Pride and Prejudice’. The film explores Jane Austen’s impact and her struggle for the freedom to express herself in her novels.

    Some fantastic names have already pledged their commitment to the project, including the actor David Bamber and legendary music composer Carl Davis. We’re currently in the exciting early stages of production and have been inspired by Jane Austen’s incredible achievements, and the courage she must have found to publish her novels at the dawn of the nineteenth century. Fuschia Films have an extensive portfolio of theatre and film productions and this film is our latest venture.

    To find out more please go to our Kickstarter page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fuschiafilms/jane-austen-overcoming-pride-and-prejudice-documen

    Or our facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/JaneAustenOvercomingPrideandPrejudice

    And read on… At Fuschia Films we have a passion for making meaningful films that resonate with people, sharing the stories of pioneers in life who we think have made a difference. For us Jane Austen is one such pioneer. This film is dedicated to exploring how she surmounted the pride and prejudice of what was, for her, a repressive society and what it cost her to find her own inimitable voice.
    The film has a strong and experienced Production team: Director Sue Pomeroy has adapted and directed several of Austen’s novels (Pride & Prejudice, Emma) as part of an extensive career, the film will be cast at the highest level and Nick Hamson of Studio Soho joins the team as Producer, with Phil Taylor of Film Engine as Executive producer and Chris Wood of Fast Films as Finance director.
    We have just launched a ‘crowd funding’ campaign on Kickstarter to support the next stage of our film and we’d love you to share the news on your website, Facebook or Twitter! It is a great place to find out all about the film and to become involved from just a small pledge for specially designed Regency film post cards and posters, to receiving digital download and unique copies of our DVD celebrating the 200th Anniversary celebrations this year. There are even exciting opportunities to be Regency extras in the film and be shoulder to shoulder with the stars on the film set.

    We welcome the widest involvement in the film, and the growing public support of the film – so please do help to make this happen. During our filming this summer we’ve met Jane Austen lovers from all over the world, (many members of Jane Austen Societies worldwide) and we would love you to share this film with everyone who loves Jane and her work. Thank you.

    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/JaneAustenFilm


    • Hello Kate, Glad you found me – I will be happy to promote your film on our blog, facebook and twitter – will do so shortly as I have been away and just getting settled…Good luck with all this – very exciting!


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