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1.  Mrs. Darcy’s Dilemma, by Diana Birchall, Sourcebooks 2007.

2.  Lydia Bennett’s Story, by Jane Odiwe,

  • Sequels Blog.
  •  synopsis, reviews, etc. (including one by Ms. Place, author of the Jane Austen’s World Blog.)

3 thoughts on “Sequels & Continuations

  1. What a pleasure to introduce you to no less than seven books inspired by Jane Austen! Completions, continuations, even one rearrangement – each is written with a scrupulous attention to language and detail but, intended, finally, for your delight. All are available on and most on They were written and published between 2006 and 2010.
    The Brothers by Jane Austen and Another Lady
    by Helen Baker
    Miss Austen wrote ten chapters of a novel she called The Brothers before illness stilled her pen for ever. Now, her entire draft has been incorporated into the complete story. It is hoped that the resulting romance may satisfy her myriad admirers who have long regretted that such vivid characters were left in suspense.
    The Watsons by Jane Austen and Another Lady
    Miss Austen, at the height of her powers, wrote eighteen thousand words of a delightful story and then abandoned her attempt. Everyone who read the fragment regretted her decision. Now, every word has been incorporated into a complete novel which, it is to be hoped, should give pleasure to many.
    by Helen Baker (A continuation of ‘Mansfield Park’)
    Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park chronicles the mutual attachment of Mary Crawford and Edmund Bertram until he abandons his love, claiming that she has forfeited even his respect. Can our flawed heroine, with her beauty, her charm and her twenty thousand pounds ever find a worthy gentleman who will appreciate her for those very qualities that Edmund deplored?
    The Book Of Ruth
    by Helen Baker (A continuation of ‘Pride and Prejudice’)

    Longbourn House in Hertfordshire remains the home of the Bennet family but, five years after the conclusion of Pride and Prejudice, find Kitty and Mary still unwed and discontent. Then Mary’s deep reading leads her to a plan. Her guide in husband-hunting is no less than the Biblical Book of Ruth..

    Precipitation A Continuation of Miss Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice
    by Helen Baker
    Are you, dear Jane Austen enthusiast, as well acquainted with Miss Caroline Bingley as you ever wish to be? Do you deplore her duplicity from which the Bennet family suffered for so long? In reality, you will discover that she struggled again difficulties which make Lizzie Bennet’s vulgar relations appear trivial.
    Note – this book is completely compatible with the other Helen Baker continuation of Pride and Prejudice called The Book of Ruth.
    by Helen Baker (A continuation of ‘Persuasion’)
    Miss Austen finished Persuasion with an enigma. Was the deceitful widow Mrs Clay so lost to all honour, decency and – yes – self-interest as to live installed in town under the capricious protection of that equal dissembler Mr Elliot? Or was the lady, as Lady Russell proclaimed her, a very dangerous companion?
    Finally, a Jane Austen First!
    Miss Jane Austen, as you recall, penned ‘Lady Susan’ at the tender age of nineteen. It was her first completed attempt at a novel – never submitted for publication. Yet the twenty-three thousand words sparkle with the genius to come. As the lady presented her novel in the form of letters, and reflects the immorality of a debauched era, it might not find favour with the modern reader. So, the present authoress has dared to present the story as one of Miss Austen’s mature works. To her knowledge, no one else has attempted such a scholarly feat.
    Miss Jane Austen’s Lady Susan – Revived
    by Helen Baker
    Lady Susan is the most beautiful, beguiling schemer in Regency England. She must subjugate every gentleman who crosses her path, conducting multiple flirtations and extracting herself deviously from all the complications. When her husband dies, leaving her destitute with a pretty, innocent daughter on her hands, she uses all her wiles to find them both convenient husbands. Convenient to herself, that is.
    (At publication, there was a hiccup, making the book unavailable for a time. Lulu now offers copies at a 15% discount for two weeks only. Simply type in the code BEACHREAD305 just before confirming the order.)
    I wish all other Jane Austen enthusiasts as many hours of pleasure reading these books as I spent writing them. 
    Helen Baker


  2. re Clare Darcy; aka author Mary Deasy 1914-1978; wrote The Corioli Affair, Cannon Hill, The boy Who Made Good, Devil’s bridge, Ella gunning, The Hour of Spring, O’shaughnessy’s Day, the Celebration, Golden Notes and Devil’s Bride. Under Clare Darcy, she wrote her Regency novels. Have you read the Elsie Lee Regencies? Second Season, The Wicked Guardian, Prior Betrothal, Silence is Golden, and the Nabob’s Widow.


    • Oh thank you for this! – I am afraid I let Clare Darcy fall through the proverbial cracks! I shall have to take it up again… I appreciate your information. Have you read all the books she wrote??


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