Index of Characters, Sense & Sensibility

Colonel BRANDON, of Delaford in Dorsetshire; thirty-five (34, 37); thirty-six (369); 2,000£ a year (196); m. Marianne Dashwood.

His cousin Fanny (64).

Mrs. Burgess (371).

Betty, Mrs. Jenning’s maid (153).

the Careys (65).

Cartwright, Mrs. Jenning’s servant ? (163).

Mrs. Clarke (271).

Lord Courtland (351).

—– DASHWOOD, of Norland Park in Sussex, ‘the old Gentleman’ (4), unmarried: 4,000£ a year (5).

Henry Dashwood, of Stanhill, his nephew and heir (3); he had 7,000£ ‘in his own disposal’ (4), and a life-interest in half of his first wife’s fortune. By his first wife he had one son, John; by his second, three daughters, Elinor, Marianne, and Margaret, who had 1,000£ each (4).

Mrs. Dashwood, his second wife; forty (37); no fortune (4).

John Dashwood had half his mother’s fortune, ‘which had been large,’ on his coming of age (3), and the remainder at Henry Dashwood’s death (5), as well as the Norland estate; m. Fanny Ferrars, with 10,000£ (374); one son, Harry (8 ) four years old (4).

Elinor Dashwood, nineteen (6); Marianne, sixteen (18), seventeen (37, 369); Margaret, thirteen (7).

Dr. Davies (218 ) or Davis (233). D.D. (275), did not marry Miss Steele (Memoir, ed. 2, p. 148).

Mr. Dennison (252).

Mr. Donavan, apothecary ? (257).

Elliott, Lady Elliot (252).

Mr. and Mrs. Ellison, Miss Grey’s guardians (195).

Mrs. FERRARS, of Park-street (131).

Her children, Edward, twenty-three (140), twenty-four (362); Oxford (362); 2,000£ (147) and ultimately 10,000£ (374); m. Elinor Dashwood.

Robert (129); Westminster (251); 1,000£ a year (374); m. Lucy Steele.

Fanny; 10,000£ (374); m. John Dashwood.

Sir Robert (? Ferrars), their uncle (251).

the Gilberts (111).

old Gibson (225).

Miss Godby (272).

Miss Sophia Grey (327), 50,000£ (194); m. John Willoughby.

Mr. Harris, apothecary (307).

Biddy Henshaw, aunt of Miss Grey (194).

Mrs. JENNINGS, of Berkeley-street, a widow with ample jointure.

Her children, Mary (167), m. Sir John Middleton; Charlotte, m. Thomas Palmer.

Her cousin Richard (272).

Sir John MIDDLETON (no doubt Baronet), of Barton Park in Devonshire; m. Mary Jennings, ‘not more than six or seven and twenty’ (31).

Their children (34); John, about six (31), William (121), Annamaria, three (121), and a fourth.

Hon. Miss Morton, only daughter of Lord M., 30,000£ (221).

Thomas PALMER, of Cleveland in Somerset, and Hanover-square (110); m. Charlotte Jennings.

the Perrys (192)

Mr. Pratt, of Longstaple, uncle of the Steeles (130).

Mrs. Richardson (274).

Mr. Rose (123).

the Sandersons (192).

Martha Sharpe (274).

Mr. Simpson (123).

Mrs. Smith, of Allenham Court in Devonshire (44, 73).

Miss Sparks (272).

Miss (Anne, 124) STEELE, nearly thirty (120); ‘never succeeded in catching the Doctor’, Memoir, ed. 2, p. 148; her sister Lucy, twenty-two or -three (120), m. Robert Ferrars. Their father (276).

Mrs. Taylor (192).

the Westons (110).

the Whitakers (100).

Eliza Williams, m. Col. Brandon’s brother (205); Eliza, her daughter, seduced by Willoughby (209).

John WILLOUGHBY (183), of Combe Magna in Somerset, twenty-five (50); m. Sophia Grey.

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