Collecting Jane Austen

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My plan: to post each week [when possible!] a book by or about Jane Austen that a collector should have in their growing library. The first post is about the David Gilson Bibliography because if your plan is to actively collect Jane Austen, this book is your starting point, an absolute must-have. I hope each week to give short snippets on the various books in my own collection, as well as books that never made it to my shelves but should be there…I welcome your comments on what your favorite books are, the essentials in your collection, or any questions you might have about how to go about starting such a collection. It’s a lifetime endeavor!

  1. David Gilson, A Bibliography of Jane Austen:
  2. Book Collecting 101:
  3. The Novels, Illustrated by A. Wallis Mills, Chatto & Windus, 1908:
  4. Northanger Abbey Cover Art:
  5. The 1923 Oxford edition of The Novels, ed. by R. W. Chapman:
  6. Sermons to Young Women, by James Fordyce:
  7. The Novels of Jane Austen, illustrated by the Brock brothers, Dent, 1898:
  8. The Accomplished Lady: A History of Genteel Pursuits c. 1660-1860, by Noël Riley:
  9. Jane Austen’s Letters:
  10. Regency London:
  11. The Novels – Macdonald Illustrated Classics, illustrated by Philip Gough, London, 1948-61: