Hot off the Presses: Cassandra and Jane

It was with great expectation that I awaited the arrival of a reviewer’s copy of Jill Pitkeathley’s CASSANDRA & JANE: A Jane Austen Novel (Harper-Collins, 2008; published in the UK by Copperfield Books in 2004). As Deb can attest, I have a great regard for Jane’s sister Cassandra – a woman literally kept in the shadows by time and her sister’s posthumous fame.  It was with delight that I handled and read a couple letters penned by Cassandra – then an aging aunt – sent to James-Edward Austen and kept within the Austen-Leigh archive at the Hampshire Record Office.

The publishers have promised a sample chapter; but I’ve yet to see anything up on their website. A link will be posted when one is received, since we all love sample chapters!

I’m in the midst of writing two reviews for JASNA News (on Carrie Bebris’ newest Mr. & Mrs. Darcy mystery, The Matters at Mansfield and Jane Odiwe’s Lydia Bennet’s Story, which now comes in a US edition – both due in stores soon), have been reading the first novels in ELIZABETH PETERS’ Amelia Peabody series (am on book two, having bought a used boxed set of the first four novels), and recently received from a friend the first of the six Lymond Chronicles, The Game of Kings by Dorothy Dunnett (originally published in 1961), which she heartily recommends. But Cassandra & Jane heads to the top of the list now that it’s finally here – so I hope to post a review soon.

One thought on “Hot off the Presses: Cassandra and Jane

  1. Hey Kelly, I got one too!! I am looking forward to reading this book as well….but alas! how does one choose?? I seem to be knee-deep in sequels right now: I am very much enjoying Marsha Altman’s book The Darcys and the Bingleys; liked Pemberley Shades and will do a review; skurried quite happily through Mr. Darcy’s Diary (the Maya Slater book); and have Mr. Darcy’s Daughter on the pile as well….and all this for someone who doesn’t like sequels!…and I do believe I am starting to get my characters mixed up at this point! (is this the book where Darcy gets drunk, or the one where he hangs out with Byron [and gets drunk all the time]…is he bedding the maid or is it 25 years later and he is dealing with his wayward daughter? is Georgiana to marry Colonel Fitzwilliam or is there a stranger come to town?]…I need to take better notes!


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