A Plea to VERIZON users

Now is the time for our flyers regarding our next JASNA meeting to be sent — and poor Verizon users, already abused during the Fair Point ‘take-over’ are not going to get them!

Therefore, if you are interested in JASNA-Vermont’s events, were a Verizon customer and have a new email: contact us! In the meantime, download our flyer — which can be found on the EVENTS page of our blog.

One thought on “A Plea to VERIZON users

  1. Kelly, for anyone with a verizon account, we should assume they just changed to the fairpoint account, so their email will be: name@verizon.net will now read as name@myfairpoint.net

    try that on all of them that came back and see what happens… some people did change to other providers, but the majority just switched to “myfairpoint.net’
    hope this works!


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