Happy Birthday!

Can’t let the day – September 10th – pass without wishing Colin Firth (to many, the Mr. Darcy) a happy birthday!


Another Austen-actor, Hugh Grant (AKA S&S’s Edward Farrers), celebrated his 49th yesterday.


(Hugh was born in London; Colin in Grayshott, Hampshire).

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Since I have my pet theory about Darcy being an Aquarian (my own sign), I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on people under the Virgo sign. A friend and I hope to *someday* produce an article or two about Austen’s characters and how they relate to certain star signs. Are any of her characters like yourself and these two gentleman? I wait – eagerly – to hear more!


  2. Well, Virgo people are rather sensible and well rooted on earth, tidy, well-organized, reliable and hard-working. Usually very successful in their working field for these qualities. Most of them are. As for romance in their lives, it has a great importance.Anyhow , it’s something they do not impulsively tend to. But when they love … it is deeply and forever. Marianne Dashwood? Colonel Brandon? Even Captain Wentworth has some of these features, but I think Anne Elliot is the perfect Virgo woman. Mind, I’m not an expert in the field. I never read or listen to daily horoscope but I accept ,because I noticed in my personal experience, that people of the same sign do share traits of their personality.


  3. I’m not well-versed on star signs either — but, as you say, I think we “see” in people or characters traits that we see in ourselves (those that we love and those traits that we wish we didn’t have…). That’s why it is so wonderful to get people thinking along those lines! I will definitely have to read up more on the Virgo (I don’t THINK I know any) and see what can be applied to the likes of Anne. In some ways, she’s one of my favorite characters in Austen’s novels — but for the character or the wonderful storyline she traverses?? Probably the later; who can’t help but love someone who gets her second chance at love?!

    I would never say that Austen steeped herself in such when crafting her characters, but they have a bit more ‘realness’ to them, don’t they, when we recognize someone we know (or ourselves even) in someone she created.


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