This Week’s Web Round-Up

Another week, and just a few things about Jane…my next post will be on some reading thoughts with several book reviews…..

*Head over to She is Too Fond of Books blog and  “simply leave a comment mentioning what you would find most appealing and most challenging about living in Jane Austen’s world” …and enter to win the free giveaway of Rigler’s Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict.  The contest ends September 5…

*And again, you MUST visit Austenprose and Laurel Ann’s ongoing tribute to Mansfield Park.  The posts and giveaways are nearing an end (oh! woe is me!…they have been delightful!), so be sure to visit the last few posts on the final chapters of the novel, the several sequels, and some contemporary opinions of MP. It all ends today August 30…

*See a reproduction of a Jane Austen quilt at JASA (this was sighted on the blog Quiddity Quilts.)

*Great Brampton House up for sale for £5 million… Lady Pidgeon’s Recency style home in Herefordshire.

Click here for more on the Duchess, being released on September 5, with Keira Knightley, Ralph Fiennes and Charlotte Rampling; the Sept / Oct issue of Jane Austen’s Regency World Magazine (recently revamped with a whole new look by its new owners) has Knightley on the cover.  Click here  for the Table of Contents.

Another Austen Web Round-Up ….. there is no keeping up!

Some interesting items this week to pass on:

*JASNA-New York Region has published its Fall 2008 newsletter online with much on the Austen-Byron Conference, the news that New York City will host the 2012 AGM, and other chapter happenings.

*The Rethinking Jane Austen blog has a post on Austenmania, the blog author’s efforts to find the strangest item “boasting Jane Austen’s image”….. there are a few good ones out there!

*Jane Austen’s World has posted Ellen Moody’s take on the Mansfield Park 2007 movie.  See also Austenprose’s ongoing MP discussion.

*The and a blogger’s review of Cassandra and Jane by Jill Pitkeathley.

*A blog on vintage fashion, ZipZip’s Vintage Clothing, offers “thoughts about vintage and period sewing patterns, lists of links to worthwhile online vintage sewing resources, comments on sewing with treadle sewing machines.”

*Click here for the Sunday Herald (Scotland) interview with Keira Knightley on playing the Duchess of Devonshire

*A resource on Regency Information has been compiled by the Favors and Fortunes blog: there are some great links here, including references to a map of London for 1827, card games, cost of living values, a slang dicitonary, and many others.  But NOTHING compares to the links to Regency Social Life and Customs than those compiled by Ms. Place at Jane Austen’s World… if you have an extra 24 hour day sometime in this long upcoming winter, take a look at this grand resource!

*And more on ITV’s Lost in Austen show at Austenblog, with numerous comments, as well as the show’s fansite filled with all sorts of information on this Pride & Prejudice in space!

And just added: The Musee McCord Museum in Montreal has posted an interactive game on 19th century women’s fashion.  Click here for the game and instructions.  There are also other interactive games on 19th century high fashion (for beginner and expert), interior decoration, and games and toys:  click here for the Museum’s website and list of games.