Want List: A Miniature Pride and Prejudice from Plum Park Press

I posted several months ago about a miniature Emma, published by the bookbinder Tony Firman at his Plum Park Press. Since then I have received my very own Emma and am delighted with it:

Miniature Emma from Park Plum Press

Miniature ‘Emma’ from Park Plum Press

And now doubly delighted to hear from Tony that he is planning a similar miniature edition of Pride and Prejudice – perfect timing for this bicentenary year.  It will be another triple-decker, as was the original, in the same format and size as Emma with the same typeface. Each of the three volumes is to be published separately, in April, June, and August; the third volume will include a slipcase for the set.

Volume I and II will contain 240 pages, and 260 pages for Vol. III, all bound in a lovely soft faux leather, in a pretty butterscotch color. The endpapers will be decorated with colored illustrations from the 1907 Dent edition, four different pictures in each volume. The slipcase will be decorated with some of the same illustrations. It will be a limited edition of 15 copies. [no image is yet available]

C. E. Brock - Pride and Prejudice, Dent 1907 - Mollands

C. E. Brock – ‘Pride and Prejudice’ – Dent 1907 – Mollands

The first volume will be available near the end of April; price is $35. / volume, the complete set with slipcase, $105.  You can order either by volume as they become available or wait for the complete set in August, but with only 15 sets available, you best get your order in soon!  [There was a second edition of Emma, and there are copies still available.]

Other titles that Tony has published in this miniature format: [see his website for more information on each]

  • Priestley: Experiments and Observations of Different Kinds of Air
  • Curtis: The Botanical Magazine
  • Housman: A Shropshire Lad and Last Poems
  • Davenport: English Embroidered Bookbindings
  • Hubbard: William Morris
  • Crane: A Floral Fantasy
  • Huygens: Treatise on Light
  • Morris: A Dream of John Ball
  • Higgin: Handbook of Embroidery
  • Browning: The Last Ride
  • Blades: The Enemies of Books
  • Geikie: Geology
  • Einstein: Relativity
  • Austen: Emma
  • Wells: The Time Machine
  • Carroll: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
  • Lavoisier: Elements of Chemistry
  • Fitzwilliam: Jacobean Embroidery

Tony Firman Bookbinding
205 Bayne Road, Haslet, TX 76052


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In the United States, a miniature book is usually considered to be one which is no more than three inches in height, width, or thickness. Some aficionados collect slightly larger books while others specialize in even smaller sizes. Outside of the United States, books up to four inches are often considered miniature.

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All I Want for Christmas? ~ Anything Jane Austen Please! ~ Day 1: A Miniature edition of Emma

I begin today a run through the next 12 days of the Christmas Season with some thoughts on gifts for your favorite Austen fan or gifts to add to your own “Want-List” – if you have been “nice” and not naughty all year [please do check Henry Tilney’s dispute over the meaning of the word in Vol. I, ch. 14 of Northanger Abbey], you might find some of these under your tree!

Day 1. A miniature edition of Emma, from Plum Park Press  [see update on a second printing below!]

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