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See more pictures at the British Monarchy Flickr photostream, and more of everything at the offical wedding website.

Royal Wedding Dresses at Kensington Palace

From the BBC News website:

To celebrate the marriage of Prince William and Kate, Kensington Palace has brought out six sumptuous gowns – seldom seen by the public – all worn by royal brides over the past 200 years.

Take a look with Senior Curator Joanna Marschner, and see how fashions changed through the decades.

[Image: Princess Margaret’s wedding dress, 1960, from the Kensington Palace website]

Watch the slideshow with close-up detail of the dresses here at Kensington Palace:

 or here at the BBC News


[Image: Princess Charlotte’s 1816 wedding dress at Kensington Palace; on right, the wedding dress of Princess Alexandra of Denmark in 1863]

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Royal Weddings ~ ebook style

Want to get in the spirit of the upcoming nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton?  How about reading about some of the previous such celebrations that captured the world from the 12th to the 19th century!

A press notice from Harlequin, publisher of Romance with a capital ‘R’:  yesterday they announced the release of seven novellas in ebook format, the “Royal Weddings Collection” – each focusing on a different royal wedding, each written by a different author. 

These seven short stories brilliantly capture the drama, pomp and ceremony and high passion of real-life royal weddings,” senior editor Linda Fildew said in a press release. “From Eleanor of Aquitaine to Queen Victoria, these royal romances through the ages bring history vividly to life.”

The titles include:

  •  Terri Brisbin.  WHAT THE DUCHESS WANTS (Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine and Henry of Anjou, the future Henry II, 1152)
  • Michelle Willingham. LIONHEART’S BRIDE (King Richard and Princess Berengaria, 1191)
  • Bronwyn Scott. PRINCE CHARMING IN DISGUISE (Prince George and Caroline of Ansbach, 1704)
  • Elizabeth Rolls. A PRINCELY DILEMMA (George, Prince of Wales—future George IV—and Princess Caroline of Brunswick, 1795)
  • Ann Lethbridge. PRINCESS CHARLOTTE’S CHOICE (Princess Charlotte and Prince Leopold, 1816)
  • Mary Nichols. WITH VICTORIA’S BLESSING (Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, 1840)
  • Lucy Ashford. THE PROBLEM WITH JOSEPHINE (Emperor Napoleon and Archduchess Marie-Louise of Austria, 1810).

You can find the seven ebooks at the eharlequin website.  They are on sale there for $1.79 each. And if you go to the “Watch the Royal Wedding” website, scroll down for a coupon code for an additional 10% off! [if you are a true lover of Royal Weddings, you should be following this site on a daily basis anyway…]

Time to fire up my Kindle – who can resist!

[ebook covers from the eharlequin website]

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