Found! ~ the new Regency Researcher Site

nancy-mayer-pageI may be late to the table, but just discovered this morning a new Regency site:  Nancy Mayer ~ Regency Researcher.  Nancy is gradually putting all her many-years worth of Regency and Jane Austen expertise onto her website, and we will be the grateful benefactors of her knowledge.  There is an excellent bibliography, a series of links, and the option to ask her any question you might have on the period.

    Here is the Subject Index:

Dance & Music
Law NEW!
Parliament & Politics
Period Publications
Peers & Peerage
Regency Fashion
Titles & Names

And remember to check back often as she continues to add information.


Thank you Nancy, for this lovely new addition to the online Regency world! [and a thank you to Susanna Ives for hosting Nancy on her website:  Susanna Ives ~ Regency Romance Writer!]