Hello world!

Just a quick word to say WELCOME to all our readers. Only one installment left – the 2nd part of Sense and Sensibility – before PBS’s Austen season comes to an end. So it will soon be time to re-open the books, and also dip into other film versions.

Prof. Warhol-Down spoke quite enthusastically (except as regards those last eight minutes…) of the 2005 Pride and Prejudice. So it would be nice to hear from Vermont Austen-lovers about the recent TV adaptations, as well as vote on your favourites from the past. One of our hopes for an upcoming meeting would be a viewing, which you know means lots of discussion (pro and con) afterwards!

Looking over the JASNA website, I am reminded to mention The Jane Austen Survey, being conducted by Jeanne Kiefer. She is gathering information in order to present her findings at the Chicago AGM. So check out the survey. If you have limited internet access or are more comfortable doing the survey by putting pen to paper, contact Kelly or Deb for a PAPER copy.

Another bit of news: THIS WEEK (March 30-April 5) Pemberley is beginning a group read of Austen’s Emma (chapters 1-9). Subsequent chapters are discussed through mid-May. Check out the schedule then click on the Group Read Board for the actual discussions.

Also, PBS has scheduled Elizabeth Gaskell’s Cranford for May 4, 11, and 18. By all UK reports, this is a very good adaptation!

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