PBS’s “Sense & Sensibility”

Remember to watch the 2nd part of PBS’s Sense & Sensibility,  Sunday April 6, 2008 at 9pm.
You can check out the PBS blog at Remotely Connected  and the PBS Jane Austen Blog.

Here are a few links to other Austen blogs with lots of commentary on PBS’s new “Sense & Sensibility”… these are so worth sharing!

At Austenprose  Laurel Ann has several posts:

* Puzzling Legal Nonsense in Austen’s Sense and Sensibility
* Austen’s Willoughby: Truly a Byronic Hero, or Libertine? Part One
* Withstanding Sense, or Sensibility: Review of Episode One
* Sense and Sensibility: Cast Preview

At Jane Austen’s World see Ms. Place’s posts:

* S&S Soaked
* Footmen in JA’s Movie Adaptations
* S&S 2008 Makes Wonderful Sense, for the Most Part…