Deb has been busy gathering and posting information, merchandise offers from JASNA regions, and she’s also fleshed out the EVENTS area to give a fuller picture of JASNA-VERMONT happenings, local activities of Austen interest (dancing!), and a few upcoming JASNA lectures held within driveable distance.

I want to point out the information on the next three Annual General Meetings. AGMs are only open to JASNA members in good standing (and a mere 550 of those!); invitations for Chicago will reach mailboxes sometime in May. I want to encourage Vermont JASNA members to seriously think of attending Philadelphia’s AGM in October 2009. This is the closest it will get to us for the next few years (the 2010 AGM will be in Portland, Oregon). And we are lucky to have two members (Nancy Charkes, who summers in Fairlee; Lorraine Hanaway, who summers near Littleton, New Hampshire) who are involved in the Eastern PA chapter that will be hosting!

Anyone with questions about AGMs in general, please direct them to Deb. She has attended many in the past, and also plans to attend Chicago’s.

[just a mention: some papers given at AGMs are submitted to Persuasions and Persuasions Online; look over past issues to get an idea of the types of varied breakout sessions you’ll be able to attend!]

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