On Re-Reading “Northanger Abbey”

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10 thoughts on “On Re-Reading “Northanger Abbey”

  1. I enjoyed reading this well-written, detailed piece on the background of Northanger Abbey, Deb, and Brock’s color illustrations are always a treat.

    I recently learned something interesting about the pronunciation of “Northanger.” The word “hanger” also means “woodlands.” See this link to The National Trust’s Selborne Hill.

    According to a poster at “The Republic of Permberley”, “Northanger Abbey” (pronounced north-HANger abbey) means “North Wood Abbey.”


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  3. What a useful link, Dave. Thank you. I’ve had a look, but not yet a listen. Wish there had been such resources when I was learning German! Give us a few days and we’ll post it to our Northanger Abbey page. Will also have to see what other etexts Adam Smith Academy offers.


  4. Janeite,
    I believe sometimes the link to the audio file is busy, due to traffic. I just now tried it again, and it was slow sledding. But, you may also need shockwave on your computer.


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