Jane Austen starring on YouTube

Ok, here is a visual treat for this Saturday AM…I should be tending my gardens, but who can resist the likes of the following Austen-related YouTubes…

  • Austen’s heroines accompanied by “Maneater”  is very funny (and Mary Crawford just shines!)
  •  “Holding out for a Hero” applied to all those Austen men and a few other Regency men (but where oh where is DARCY??)
  • “Somewhere only We Know” to see all your Austen characters in their most tender moments together……
  • And “This Kiss” with all your favorite couples (oh! what would JANE say?!), and another “You and Me.”
  • And just in case you did not get enough of Darcy, this is a must see – a full THREE minutes of Colin Firth in “I’m Too Sexy”(no surprise there…); and if you tend toward Matthew MacFadyen’s Darcy (and who cannot!), no worries…because he is the prime star in “Every Breath you Take” (a full FOUR minutes), but also has his own “I’m Too Sexy”  ….
  • So this is enough for me…my gardens await.  I know that many of these videos have been out there for a few years, but I only discovered them this morning (did I have a life before this morning??) when I stumbled upon the post on the Rethinking Jane Austen blog…. have a look yourself on You Tube:  just search “Jane Austen” for a ton of entries (2210), or “Jane Austen tributes” for a more manageable lot (54), or even just search “Mr Darcy” (an absurd but delightful 1050), turn up your sound and enjoy the feast! (or perhaps this can wait for winter??)