Austen & Baseball Redux!

baseball-batSo it continues…the question if Jane Austen really invented baseball [ see my previous post here  as well as Janeite Kelly’s comment that indeed the OED cites Austen in Northanger Abbey as first using the term “baseball” in literature.]  So all this banter can only take the usual cultural turn of appearing on Comedy Central where all things are given their just due.  Thanks to David at Random Curiosity for this link to Stephen Colbert on Jane Austen Baseball.

David also provides text, in the probable event the video shall one day disappear … it is quite good, so give it a look for your daily chuckle!

Found! ~ the new Regency Researcher Site

nancy-mayer-pageI may be late to the table, but just discovered this morning a new Regency site:  Nancy Mayer ~ Regency Researcher.  Nancy is gradually putting all her many-years worth of Regency and Jane Austen expertise onto her website, and we will be the grateful benefactors of her knowledge.  There is an excellent bibliography, a series of links, and the option to ask her any question you might have on the period.

    Here is the Subject Index:

Dance & Music
Law NEW!
Parliament & Politics
Period Publications
Peers & Peerage
Regency Fashion
Titles & Names

And remember to check back often as she continues to add information.


Thank you Nancy, for this lovely new addition to the online Regency world! [and a thank you to Susanna Ives for hosting Nancy on her website:  Susanna Ives ~ Regency Romance Writer!]