Jane Austen’s Letters~ Breaking news!

JASNA has posted the Winter edition of Persuasions On-Line [Vol. 29, No.1], and a most important article is included:  “List of Annotations in the Bellas Copy of  Lord Brabourne’s  Letters of Jane Austen.”

Edith Lank has compiled all the annotations in her copy of Lord Brabourne’s Letters, the notes largely written by the daughter of Austen’s niece Anna Austen Lefroy, Fanny Caroline Lefroy, and some by Fanny’s sister, Louisa Lefroy Bellas [who has until now been mistakenly considered the author of all the notes.]  Just the story of the provenance of this book is a fascinating read!   

Ms. Lank spoke on this at the Chicago 2008 JASNA Annual Meeting, and now has most graciously made all these notes in the book available to all.  A most hearty thank you to Ms. Lank!



And do look at the Table of Contents for this latest online edition for all the other terrific articles… a lovely Austen birthday gift to us!  Happy reading!