Edgar Allan Poe ~ January 19, 1809

I again direct you to my Bygone Books Blog for a celebration of the birthday of Edgar Allan Poe, 1809-1849.  Though you may wonder what this has to do with Jane Austen, and I agree that the link is tenuous as best [though indeed, is Emma not a mystery??]   But I did find this link to the Book Mine Set blog that quoted Mark Twain as saying the following about Poe (and we know what he had to say about our Dear Jane!):

Of Poe, [Mark Twain] said,”To me his prose is unreadable—like Jane Austen’s.”

This Book Mine Set blog does a weekly post “The Great Wednesday Compare” pitting two authors against each other. Austen beat out Poe 48-8! [she then went on to beat Lucy Montgomery and Kurt Vonnegut, but lost by 2 points to Dr. Seuss the following week!] Go to the blog and read the many comments…it is quite entertaining! 










And there are of course those action figures…



4 thoughts on “Edgar Allan Poe ~ January 19, 1809

  1. I love that connection between Poe and Austen – even with Twain having to be the bridge.

    I’d also say that no other (long-dead) authors have the kind of following that Poe and Austen have. It’s one thing to appreciate a writer, another thing to truly take that appreciation to the level of fandom. They will defend their author tooth and nail against detractors – and, of course, purchase action figures of them. Where’s the Mark Twain toy, hmmm…?


  2. Hello Rob, yes, that connection between Poe and Austen was a great find [thanks to the internet, easily found!]…love the action dolls, and yes, indeed, where is Twain’s action figure?! HA! Thanks for visiting! Deb


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