Mr. Darcy Portrait Sells

The Darcy portrait of Colin Firth that we all wanted in our very own living rooms, has sold at auction for £12,000, nearly double the estimated value; very nice really… the money all goes to charity.

“This painting sold for double its estimated value for the simple reason that the series so captured the heart of the viewing public, particularly the fairer sex,” said Julian Roup, a spokesman for Bonhams auction house.

[see this BBC article]


2 thoughts on “Mr. Darcy Portrait Sells

  1. Hi Vic, yes, Firth looks far better than this!…but it is nice that SOMEONE wanted it and paid alot for it that all went to charity…. but I agree…it was the ONE thing in that 1995 production that didn’t work for me…this portrait just makes him look more proud and unapproachable rather than what is it supposed to do for Elizabeth.
    Thanks for visiting!


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