Charlotte Bronte ~ April 21, 1816



Happy Birthday! to Charlotte Bronte, born April 21, 1816 in Thornton, Yorkshire. 

I just had the good fortune to finally visit Haworth and tour the Bronte Parsonage.  One of the special extras was the display of the various costumes worn in the latest BBC production of Wuthering Heights [but alas! no pictures allowed!] 

I append here a few of my photographs of the Parsonage as well as several links for further reading…








Main Street, Haworth

Main Street, Haworth



Further Reading:

The Bronte Blog, an excellent source for all things Bronte –  various links to the e-texts, other web sites, a bibliography of sources, etc.

The Bronte Parsonage Museum & Bronte Society

The Bronte Family

5 thoughts on “Charlotte Bronte ~ April 21, 1816

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  2. Oh, your photos of Haworth look so lovely! Now I am doubly sorry I missed it.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I am so happy to find this wonderful one dedicated to one of my very favourite authors.

    Kind regards from England :-)


  3. I loved the pics of the parsonage &c. Main Street Haworth evokes the feelings in description of the town of Morton in Jane Eyre.
    Blessings from PA USA


  4. I wondered the author’s appearance while reading Jane Eyre. A Google search led me here indirectly. The scene looks serene and charming with the connection to the remarkable writer. I could have expressed my current feeling better in Chinese:)


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