A Bit of Armitage with your Heyer?

A recent find:  Richard Armitage reading Georgette Heyer’s Sylvester, to be released in the UK in July…

sylvester audiobook

The audiobook is due for release on 1st July.  Written in 1957, ‘Sylvester’ is one of the most popular of Heyer’s Regency romances. Witty and romantic, its heroine is Phoebe Marlow, who flees her home to avoid marrying Sylvester, the wealthy Duke of Salford. But the pair are fated to meet again…

The audiobook can be pre-ordered at Amazon UK, Amazon Germany and Amazon Canada. It’s listed at Amazon USA, though it’s not yet available for ordering there. It’ll also be available as an MP3 download from the Naxos website.

[from RichardArmitageOnline.com]

 If you cannot wait until July, you can listen to this 10-minute audio-clip from the opening of the book released by Naxos Audiobooks.  You can find the link to the audio here at Richard Armitage Online:  scroll down through the latest news to the item titled “Sylvester excerpt” and listen away! [oh that voice!] 




5 thoughts on “A Bit of Armitage with your Heyer?

    • Oh yes, Armitage in ANYTHING Heyer would be a delight! – but, as he seems to be off costume dramas, we now have to content ourselves with his reading of the abridged Sylvester and Venetia [I have not read The Talisman Ring, but loved The Reluctant Widow – Armitage as Ned? perfect!…]
      Thanks for visiting!


  1. Just found this post on my ‘Possibly related posts’ after a blog I wrote today on Richard Armitage and felt I must comment. Have just read/listened to Venetia by Naxos with Armitage doing the voices and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was my first Heyer and my first audio book. Both firsts will lead me further into Heyer and into audio.

    In addition, a couple of months ago, I listened to Clarissa on BBC4 online (I live in Australia) and Armitage was one of the actors voicing the lead male protagonist. It was truly an excellent piece of radio drama and the combined troupe were wonderful.


  2. Thanks mesmered for your comments – I have not listened yet to Armitage’s Venetia – on my to-listen-pile!- but have read the book – unfortunate that the audio is abridged – he was fabulous with the Sylvester audio [also abridged.] I have been reading a number of Heyer books in the past year – addicted actually! – and find them all quite delightful…

    I have heard about the Clarissa radio piece – is it available to purchase or listen to anywhere? how long can it be? hours and hours and hours I would assume!

    Thanks for visiting,


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