‘Bright Star’ ~ “perfectly chaste and insanely sexy”

bright_star movie poster


… so says A.O. Scott of “Bright Star”,  Jane Campion’s biopic love story of John Keats and Fanny Brawne.  See his review in today’s New York Times [which has more references to Jane Austen than if it was about one of HER novels!]

Check your local listings – it opens in Manhattan on Wednesday! [it opens at the Roxy in Burlington on October 2nd!]

2 thoughts on “‘Bright Star’ ~ “perfectly chaste and insanely sexy”

  1. I reviewed this movie some time ago when it was presented at Cannes Film Festival. I long to see it. They say it will come out before the end of September here in Italy. I hope it is true! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Hello Maria- Your reviews of the movie [and pictures] on your blog are a treat! [I added the links above] – I eagerly await seeing it – but alas! must bide my time until October here in Vermont!
    Thanks for visiting.


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