The JASNA AGM Photos ~ Finally!

Well, here are a few pictures finally from the Philadelphia AGM – too many shots from far away, too many with not enough light, too many with too much movement – but I hope they will at least convey some of the fun had by all!

A few shots at Winterthur [I was amazed that you were allowed to take photographs! – but I bought the guidebook anyway…]]


The dining room at Winterthur





The winding stairwell at Winterthur



My buddy and great birder Sara in the Winterthur conservatory,
with an eagle…



A lovely harp at Winterthur [no Mary Crawford in sight!]



Martha Washington’s very own mirror


And now on to the first evening…


The lovely Elizabeth Garvie [a.k.a. Elizabeth Bennet] reading from Austen’s “The Three Sisters” [and way too far way…]


A runway full of Lisa Brown’s “Dressing Mr. Darcy” very accommodating models:


William Phillips of Chicago


Ray Skelly of Valley Forge, PA



’tis a lady, methinks! Karen Noske of Rochester NY


The pack of Regency gentlemen and soldiers…


The handsome fellows, William Phillips and Jeff Nigro 


Some fashionistas and the Regency Ball Promenade ~


The always beautifully adorned Baronda Bradley in her day dress…


 our very own Lorraine and William Hanaway
[though we have to share them with Pennsylvania…]


And lovely Baronda again, this year with her Regency Beau!


Two couples who come to our Vermont gatherings ~
kudos to them for the fabulous fashions!



The Promenade returning for the Ball


Capt. Michael Green, Lorna Green, and Nick Wells [as General Tilney! yikes! I disinvited him to the party!] – all from the London, Ontario Chapter


The Jane Austen Books family!
Greg holding Colin, Amy, Jennifer, Beth & Adam

and finally, the cutest Darcy of all…

Colin Frederick Patterson!

Thank you one and all for making this another
such memorable Jane Austen event!

[Posted by Deb]

7 thoughts on “The JASNA AGM Photos ~ Finally!

  1. Drooooooool! These are great pictures and I lurve the action photos of the promenade! Such eye candy! You did a great job… wish I lived closer. Sigh…..

    And those children are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!


  2. Deb – I just found these pictures while googling “Tilney” – apparently the disinvited General set off the googlebot!

    Well thank you for sharing my adorable little Mr Darcy – this year will see the debut of my second (and although his name is Charles, I’m not sure he’ll be as “amiable” as our Dear Bingley,) and Beth’s first little girl! :) Hopefully this year we’ll remember to wait for the end of the promenade, to avoid the paparazzi traffic jam that occurred in PA!!



    • Hi Amy! glad that you finally saw these – and congratulations on your new baby! [do you call him Charlie?] Look forward to seeing all of you in Portland, where mystery, mayhem and muslin will be the order of the day!
      Best to you all,


      • Yes, we call him Charlie! :) His name is fitting, I suppose, since Colin has claimed the “Darcy” title. Charlie can be his young protege Bingley.

        Oh these boys will hate me when they grow up!! hehe

        Can’t wait for Portland either, see you there!



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