JASNA-Vermont Outing ~ Weather Update

Well, the weather gods have not been with us [as for many of our gatherings!] – if only Friday had been Sunday, we would have had a glorious afternoon! –  so I am making the decision to have our Box Hill Picnic event inside at the college instead of in my garden – we are talking not only rain, thunderstorms and wind, but 58 degrees!, so methinks that even Frank Churchill, so easily put in a foul mood over too HOT a day, might find himself in a an even fouler mood over a bit of rain, wind and cold…and that will not do…  [and not to mention Mr. Woodhouse and what the thought of this weather might do to him…]

So we will be gathering in the Hauke Board Room – full information in the email sent to all attendees… please email me if you have questions – and remember to bring your copy of Emma with you as we celebrate at our very own Box Hill outing…

…though sadly lacking Mr. Knightley… [Mark Strong above in the Kate Beckinsdale Emma]

Click here for the previous post on our event:  “Austen / Adams: Journeys with Jane & Abigail.”

[Posted by Deb]

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