Pride & Prejudice in Utah

News Alert from Utah:  from Utah Public Radio

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice has become part of the canon of Western literature, and it has a huge fan following. Why does this story still speak to us today, in both the original novel form and its many adaptations? We’ll explore the subject with four guests: two who are BYU professors and two who are integrally involved with its production at this year’s Shakespearean festival. 

 You can listen here:  Classical 89: Thinking Aloud  [click on the P&P link for June 28, 2010] 

The Utah Shakespearean Festival is staging Pride & Prejudice through August 28th, with various Austen-related events during the “Jane Austen Week” of July 19-24.  [and the JASNA Utah Region is very much involved.]

With thanks to Janeite Sylvia for this information [her son is the director!]

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