Jane Austen’s Steventon ~ a New Guide & a Website

Three manors? A deserted village? A lost rectory where Jane Austen spent most of her short life? And not 5 miles outside Basingstoke! There’s a new little book by Richard Tanner. Copiously illustrated, it takes the reader round the village from manor and church, past the rectory site where Jane wrote the first 3 of her 6 great novels, through today’s village and back to the start.

[text and image from the website]

There’s a new website in town! – all about Jane Austen’s Steventon.  Richard Tanner, the author of the site also offers a guide for purchase for £5.99.  Here is the link:  Steventon:  Jane Austen’s Birthplace.  Mr. Tanner gives talks and tours which include Tea in North Waltham!  Visit the site for information, a picture gallery, and an order form.

[I have yet to write my final post on the Steventon Rectory, so be on the watch… will now have to order this book and do more homework!]

[Posted by Deb]

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