Strange Bedfellows ~ Jane Austen and Simon Cowell

From Tom Meltzer of the Guardian:  

“Who made Britain what it is today? ~ Barack Obama’s new children’s book pays tribute to 13 iconic figures who have helped shape America. So which great Britons have done the same for their country?” 

Nice to know that Jane Austen made the list:

More British even than etiquette itself is an awareness of the daftness of our manners and social norms. Jane Austen combined biting social commentary with observations as accurate and hilarious as anything from The Office. Though her work has come to be associated with period drama, her real achievement was to prove that, beneath the bonnets and parasols, the minds of British women were razor-sharp .

She’s among good company – the others in Meltzer’s list?  Boudicca; Elizabeth I; William Shakespeare; Admiral nelson; Charles Darwin; Queen Victoria; Winston Churchill; Margaret Thatcher; The Beatles; Trevor McDonald; Stephen Fry; and Simon Cowell. [!]

See the full article here at The Guardian, along with some scathing comments on those included and those left out – [Dickens for instance?] – the reason I hate lists…