Follow Friday ~ The Regency Encyclopedia

I have posted about this very rich resource before, but doing so again as much had been added: The Regency Encyclopedia.  I met up with the creator, Sue, at the Portland JASNA AGM, and we talked about some of the new items – maps, authors, and various bells and whistles. This is a password protected site, but Sue gave me permission to again provide the logins [case-sensitive]:

User ID – JAScholar
PW – Academia

I suggest you first look at the 18-page User’s Guide [no worries – it is largely visual with big print!] – to get a sense of how the database works.  Then scan the various categories; and always check the “What’s New” tab to see what has been added – it is constantly being updated and Sue asks for suggestions of good resources that she can add.  Here are the categories to give you an idea of what is included – all are keyword searchable:

  • Map Gallery that includes a Time & Distances option – this all based on John Cary’s New Itinerary (1819)
  • London: many maps, a tour, and shopping locations!
  • Georgian Names index
  • Fashion Print Gallery
  • Novel Calendars w/ Chapman’s Lists of Characters
  • Source list of work catalogued [my only criticism: this is a great bibliography of Regency resources but it is listed A-Z by first name, not the most helpful access point]
  • Online resource links [a select list]

A perfect weekend project – this database need some time spent with it to find all that is hidden behind its main menu page!

3 thoughts on “Follow Friday ~ The Regency Encyclopedia

  1. Oh my gosh – thank you, thank you so much for posting this! I have been a fan of Jane Austen for many, many years and have actually begun to write my own historical novel (whether it will ever see the light of day is at yet not unknown!). I have been combing the web for weeks trying to find a comprehensive source of maps and travel times in Regency and/or Victorian England, and The Regency Encyclopedia is it.

    Now that I have discovered your blog, I will follow it with great interest!


    • Glad this helps you! – there is a fair amount of Regency information on the web – I have some of the links in the sidebar, but not all – it is a start. The Regency Encyclopedia has a great selection of maps and distance calculations, etc.
      Thank you for visiting…


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