On the Block: ‘Gentleman’s Library Sale’

Auction News:  see the upcoming Bonham’s Gentleman’s Library Sale, January 19, 2011, New Bond St in London, for all manner of library furniture, desk sets, globes, cabinets, and portraits and paintings that may have been housed in the libraries of  the Gentlemen of the Victorian and earlier periods.  The online catalogue is available for viewing and bidding!

A Gentleman's Tromp L'oeil - Bonham's Lot 183

or I love this one  – “The Proposal” with Mom listening in and clasping her hands in prayer in the doorway!

'The Proposal' (Circle of Philippe Mercier) - Bonham's Lot 230

Lots more in the catalogue – take a look if you can!

And see this article at Victoriana Magazine for more information on the Victorian Library

[Images from the Bonham’s Gentleman’s Library Sale, No. 18544]

Copyright @ 2011 Deb Barnum, at Jane Austen in Vermont

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