English Country Dance in Vermont ~ Put on Your Dancing Shoes!

If you love English Country Dance, then Burlington Vermont is the place to be this summer!  

There are two English Country Dance classes that are being offered:

This first one is through the UVM OLLI program  [ Osher Lifelong Learning Institute ]:

English Country Dancing in Jane Austen’s World 
Instructor: Judy Chaves
Date: Monday, July 11, 6-8pm
Location: Ira Allen Chapel at UVM
Price: Members – $20 / Non-Members – $30

Do you enjoy 19th-century British literature? If you’ve ever read any of Jane Austen’s novels or seen any of the recent film adaptations, English country dance plays a prominent role in the culture of the time. The forerunner of American contra dance, English country dance is done in two facing lines (sometimes in squares, less often in circles) and requires no more than a knowledge of left from right and the ability and willingness to move to simply wonderful music. Through a combination of lecture (not much) and dance (as much as we can), you’ll learn the basics of the dance, gain an insider’s appreciation of the vital role it played in the lives of Austen’s characters, understand the etiquette and logistics underpinning Austen’s dance scenes–and have a great deal of fun in the process. You may come by yourself or as a couple!


Judy is also teaching a series of classes in Charlotte, VT… 

at the Charlotte Senior Center, Wednesdays from 4:30 to 6 pm, starting on July 22 and running for 5 weeks.  It will be geared for beginners.  Come with or without a partner.  Cost is $45 and registration is required.  Call 425-6345 to register. 


And the fabulous Burlington Country Dancers will be hosting their annual event next weekend!

 Across the Lake

 English Country Dancing on the Vermont Side of Lake Champlain

June 10, 11, 12. 2011 

Elley-Long Music Center
223 Ethan Allen Ave.


Joseph Pimentel
Bare Necessities

 plus Wendy Gilchrist, Linda Nelson,
Shepherd & Ewe, Symphony Reel 


Visit their website for registration and contact information.

Copyright @2011 Deb Barnum, of Jane Austen in Vermont 

2 thoughts on “English Country Dance in Vermont ~ Put on Your Dancing Shoes!

  1. Hi Deb. This dancing lark sounds wonderful. I meant to ask you. Why is the Georgian period of such great fascination to you lot across the pond?

    We (meaning us Brits) obviously learn about all the different periods of our history when at school. All have their importance in understanding the world around us. Studying the past helps us understand ourselves and I think is a great human need and endeavour but what is the fixation for the Georgians especially with you lot?

    I hope I don’t sound rude just interested to know your take on it.

    All the best,


    • Oh dear Tony! – this requires a book to answer! So much to say as to why! – will write more later, meanwhile I would be interested to know what others would say – I think I shall have to post a query on this – stay tuned!


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