For Sale! ~ Ibthorpe House

I received an email yesterday from the JAS secretary re: the sale of  Ibthorpe House  – home to her friends the Lloyds and where Jane Austen visited on a number of occasions.  I had the pleasure to visit a few years ago, where tea was served and the owners toured us around the house and gardens and the fields with their alpacas.  But Alas! all my pictures are slides and rest comfortably in boxes! – more on Austen’s connection to the house in another post…

The link to the real estate firm [ ]   who has listed the property no longer works, so perhaps it has already sold, but you can see a number of pictures here:

But hurry! – this may be taken down soon as well…

Ibthorpe House

Copyright @2011 by Deb Barnum, of Jane Austen in Vermont

One thought on “For Sale! ~ Ibthorpe House

  1. Hi Deb, come on, lets pool our pocket money.We could buy it , couldn’t we????

    A nice holiday retreat for you over here. I could use it for weekend parties and of course all our Janeite friends could stay. Ha! Ha!

    Absolutely love the building, gardens and surrounding countryside. I’m afraid the interior design is a little twee for me. Natural materials, stone, slate, wood etc used in a modern way is more Marilyn and my style.

    Thanks for the post,


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