Giveaway Reminder! ~ ‘Jane Austen Speaks to Women’

UPDATE:  the winner has just been announced!  Patricia’s Practicality please email me your address and I will get the book off to you right away.  Thanks all for your comments over at Maria Grazia’s blog – it seems a runaway that most were surprised by the extent of Col. Brandon’s secrets – a deep man in there somewhere with a great backstory!

Tomorrow is the last day to comment on my post “Secrets in Sense & Sensibility” at the My Jane Austen Book Club blog:

The Giveaway: You can comment either here or on Maria Grazia’s blog My Jane Austen Book Club to be entered into the giveaway:

Can you remember the first time you read Sense and Sensibility? What secret in the novel most surprised you?
Random drawing for one of my favorites of the numerous Jane Austen gift books:  Jane Austen Speaks to Women, by Edith Lank (2000) . As usual, please, don’t forget to add your e-mail address to your comment.
The giveaway is open worldwide . Winner will be announced on June 30th.
“Elinor agreed to it all, for she did not think he deserved the compliment of rational opposition.  [Elinor in Sense & Sensibility
Copyright @2011 by Deb Barnum, at Jane Austen in Vermont

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