The Penny Post Weekly Review ~ All Things Austen

The Penny Post Weekly Review

  August 7, 2011

It’s been way too long since the “weekly” Penny Post has arrived in your mailbox – I am afraid to change the name to “monthly” (though more accurate today!)  because then I shall not be diligent enough to get it out at all! – so some of this may be old news, but I am including it if it is worthy of a mention in case you missed it on the first go-round on the blog-sphere … 

News & Gossip:

Book Giveaway! – Don’t forget to comment on the Rachel Brownstein interview post to be included in the drawing for a copy of Why Jane Austen? – deadline is Wednesday August 17.

Chawton House Library: Jane Austen’s SENSE AND SENSIBILITY: a bicentennial celebration – Saturday 17 September 2011:

The Austenesque Extravagana is in full-swing at the Austenesque Reviews blog – join the fun – it lasts all month! :

The Circulating Library:  

The John Murray archive at the National Library of Scotland [Murray was Jane Austen’s publisher]:

Dickens and Massachusetts: A Tale of Power and Transformation – at UMass Lowell:

At the Circulating Library: A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837-1901 offers a biographical and bibliography database of nineteenth-century British fiction. Currently, the database contains 7335 titles by 2494 authors (more statistics). The database is hosted by the Victorian Research Web, a major and free research resource for Victorian scholars:

The English Novel 1830-1836

British Fiction, 1800-1839

Thackeray exhibit at the Houghton Library

Websites, blogs, etc: 

Indie  Indie Jane is a new blog and community that celebrates and supports independent/non-traditionally published Austenesque literature:   [currently discussing Sense & Sensibility:  ]

A blog just about teapots!:

Museums / Exhibitions: 

The Royal George Warship , 1756

George III ship models at the National Maritime Museum
[see other online collections here as well]

Caricature exhibition at the Library of Congress

Articles of Interest:

A follow-up on these posts on TEA by Mary Ellen Foley: here are the links to all 5 posts: 

[And see also this link ]

Henry Tilney alert!:

Thoughts on the sale of The Watsons at The Culture Concept:

WashingtonPost:  Five Myths about Jane Austen:

A blog post on the gardens at Jane Austen’s Chawton house:

On Georgette Heyer, at Abebooks: 

On Princess Diana – Magazine covers, 1981-1997: 

Byron memorial book found at a Church book sale [and thankfully donated to the Library!]: 

Diana Birchall shares her latest trip to England in ongoing posts – these so far, with tons of fabulous photographs!:

Tiles stolen from Wiltshire church where Jane Austen’s uncle was the vicar and where he is buried:

Book Thoughts:


Lev Raphael’s take on P&P – Pride and Prejudice: The Jewess and the Gentile:

To Put Asunder: The Laws of Matrimonial Strife by Lawrence A. Stotter
– ISBN 9781587902109 – Price: $ 150.00   
From the website: 

Taking its cue from Matthew 19:6, “What, therefore, God hath joined together, let not man put asunder,” this book describes humankind’s actions in doing just that. 

A readable selected history of family law, To Put Asunder traverses more than two thousand years of continuing attempts by various societies to inhibit the desires of men and women, kings and commoners, to terminate their unsatisfactory marriages. The stories revealed are surprisingly engaging when the reader is introduced to the lives and personalities of some who were directly affected by family law.

The Supernatural Jane Austen series website [by Vera Nazarian]:

The Regency Period:

Amanda Vickery on The Old Bailey:

A short article at How to Be a Retronaut on the science of phrenology in 1831:


Meissen gold-mounted Royal snuff box made for Augustus III, Elector of Saxony and King of Poland: sold for 1.3 million 

The Snuff box collection at Bonhams auction sold for:  £1,700,000 ($2.7m) in London, on Tuesday July 5:  
[see the auction link for listing of all the snuff boxes and sale prices]


18th century shoes at The American Duchess [thank you Marti!]


Jane Austen Limoges boxes on sale:

For Fun: 

Word Fighter game

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice Trivia Game:


If you find any especially interesting Austen-related bits, please email me – I will include items in next week’s Penny Post Weekly Review!

Copyright @2011 by Deb Barnum, of Jane Austen in Vermont 

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