Why Jane Austen? ~ and the winner is….

Char Brooks! 

Congratulations Char! – Please send me an email with your address and phone number by next Monday August 15, 2011 [or the names shall be put back in the hat for another random drawing!] 

Thank you all for commenting and sharing “why Jane Austen?” in your life.  For those who didn’t win, you can find the book at your local bookstore, or you can order online from the powers that be!  I highly recommend it!

And again, a hearty thank you to Rachel Brownstein for so gracioulsy visiting us here at Jane Austen in Vermont and sharing her knowledge and love of Jane Austen with us all!

And finally, one of the comments from Lev Raphael posed this question:

Where’s your most exotic locale for reading one of her books?
For me it was in a hammock in my uncle orchard outside Tel-Aviv.

A great question! – Please comment if you would like to share!

Copyright @2011 Deb Barnum, of Jane Austen in Vermont.

2 thoughts on “Why Jane Austen? ~ and the winner is….

  1. For me, as an American, it was exotic. I read a bit of Pride and Prejudice while on a tour of Jane Austen sites that my husband organized for me for our 30th anniversary. Did I mention that my husband organized it?! It was a surprise to me and he remembered to hit the main places of her life except for Steventon. It was precious to me to read some of my favorite novel in Hampshire. Then seeing her grave marker at Winchester Cathedral I silently shed a few tears for the gratitude I feel toward God for giving us Dear Jane and all of the pleasure she has brought to my life and continues to do. The reading of her works, scholarly and nonfictions about her and her times, and yes, the fanfiction. I read it all, except the paranormal. I shall always treasure that trip with my husband and look forward to more trips to England, home of Dear Jane.


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