A Jane Austen Card Game ~ Suitors and Suitability

A new card game based on the novels of Jane Austen has just been released. Called “Suitors and Suitability,” it is the first in a series and is based on Pride and Prejudice – the series will also include Sense and Sensibility, Emma, and Persuasion – they ask you on their website to vote for which game you would like to see published next – alas! I am disappointed to not see Northanger Abbey in the offing! – surely a fine book for a card game where one could get lost in the dank hallways of a Gothic Abbey! – perhaps we should begin to rally for Henry Tilney as a most major suitable suitor!


The game for 2-6 players, age 13 and up, costs $24.95 – a tad steep for a card game, but you should play the demonstration game  and see if it seems worth a dive into your pocket-book – the pictures are generally appealing, though Mr. Darcy seems sadly lacking [where is Colin Firth when we need him?]

 [sorry, this has nothing to do with the cards – but who can resist this picture! – with thanks to Vic at Jane Austen Today for sharing this luscious shot!]

Well, back to the game – I have just spent a few minutes with the demo and need to give it more time to pass any sort of judgment – right now I am a bit befuddled! – one needs perhaps to buy it just to see what it is all about! – I do think it might be a perfect choice for the next game night of our budding co-ed book group – but take a look and see what you think – and let me know!


And an invitation from the publisher:

If you are near the Bay Area of California you might be interested in our upcoming game night.  On Saturday, February 4th at 5:30 PM we will be serving tea with a traditional menu provided by a local caterer.  Along with the tea service will be a chance to mingle in our elegant showroom and play the game.  Period attire is admired but not required.  For more information, and reservations please see our website.  http://www.lumenaris.com/event_games.html 

The Lumenaris  Group, Inc
18675 Adams Ct. Suite H
Morgan Hill, CA 95037
Phone: 408-591-4034 

Website: http://www.lumenaris.com/suitors.html

And check out the other games offered – there are various puzzles, from easy to very difficult – for starters, you might be interested in this fashion puzzle!


 [all images from Lumenaris.com, with the exception of Mr. Firth]

Copyright @2012 Jane Austen in Vermont  

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