Jane Austen, Old Books, Fashion, New Zealand…

From the SunLive website: New Zealand is a tad far, so had to share this with you ….

Two damaged books destined for the recycling bin have been given a glamorous new life as a Jane Austen inspired frock.

The Tauranga Library promotions assistant Katherine Tham created the eye-catching display currently on show in the city library’s window, in collaboration with the Tauranga Art Gallery to promote their latest exhibition, A La Mode.

Mmmm… somthing new to do with used books!

[images from the SunLive website]

8 thoughts on “Jane Austen, Old Books, Fashion, New Zealand…

  1. Clever! And what a lot of hard work!!! But the outcome is wonderful and a perfect eye-catcher for a window display.

    There is an etsy shop online (no affiliation to me at all except that I have made purchases there) where the owner makes purses out of old book covers, and Jane Austen character ornaments out of brilliantly folded pages from the books. I hestitate to recommend her only because I’ll have competition for her lovely wares. But if I’m allowed to post a link to it, it is here: (and if that’s not allowable, please remove and I apologize.) http://www.etsy.com/shop/ExLibrisPurses

    (She has no ornaments at present on display, because I just purchased it)


    • Thanks Tess for this link – it is certainly all right to post a link to this – esty is filled wiht JA goodies! – so happy to do so, and these purses would be perfectly matched with the dress made of former books – [I have a Sense & Sensibility purse that has a velvet leopard skin lining – over the top and no where to go carrying it in Vermont!]


      • Sounds like a fun purse! I confess to coming close to procuring a purse seveal times; except that in my case, in addition to no where to carry it, I have the problem that I’ve never travelled anywhere with so little in a purse as can be fit in these books, LOL. I would have to have one made out of the collected volumes of something to get it big enough — sigh.


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