A Textile Bibliography ~ with free online access

Exciting news for those interested in Textiles:

The Center for Social Research on Old Textiles [CSROT] is a research project founded in 1986 in France whose purpose is to contribute to the critical study of the history of textiles, especially by means of research concerning its bibliographic history. Its bibliographic publication, the Bibliographica Textilia Historiae, the first and only annotated general bibliography attempting to document all facets of the world history of textiles, contained over 5,000 titles —printed books and pamphlets, serials, articles and offprints, dissertations, royal decrees and laws— published in all languages, but mostly European, since the late fifteenth century to date, treating all aspects of the history of handwoven textiles, including woven and printed textiles, embroidery, lace, tapestry, dyeing, carpets, weaving and fiber technology, pattern books, and costume, among many other subjects.

This Bibliographica Textilia Historiae was published in the late 1990s and has been since enlarged to contain over 9,000 records with over 25,000 individual entries of authors, articles, reviews and books, of which over 500 titles are pre-1800. This enlarged database has now been catalogued with a full indexing program and is now available on this website as an free open-access database fully-searchable by multple keywords and criteria.

[Text and images from the CSROT website]

You can search the online database here: Bibliographica Textilia Historiae

For eg.: if your interest is in Georgian textiles, search “georgian” for a listing of sources in the bibliography, or if like Henry Tilney, your thoughts run to “muslin” – here is a book that Jane Austen would likely have known:

* PACKER, Thomas. The dyer’s guide; being a compendium of the art of dyeing linen, cotton, silk, wool, muslin, dresses, furniture &c. &c. with the method of scouring wool, bleaching cotton &c. and directions for ungumming silk and for whitening and sulphuring silk and wool …. Second edition, corrected and materially improved.  London: Sherwood, Gilbert and Piper, 1830. [ 1st edition: 1816]

The main website is here:  Stichting Egress Foundation

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