Jane Austen at 13?

The debate on the Rice portrait is alive and well! Here indeed we might have Jane Austen at thirteen!

Rice Portrait – Jane Austen at 13?

With thanks to Jane Odiwe for the heads-up…!

@2012 Jane Austen in Vermont!

5 thoughts on “Jane Austen at 13?

  1. Thank you Deb! If you follow the link to the Guardian page the ten questions about Austen link is well worth opening.


  2. She certaintly looks beautiful! If it is a picture of her, then it is a wonderful discovery for future generations to enjoy in the future!


    • I agree Heidi – I have always loved this picture of perhaps a young Jane – very modern looking, isn’t she? wonder if we shall ever really know the truth of it..

      Thanks for visiting Heidi – I am now off to visit your blog!


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