Thanks to Julie at Austenonly for the information on this London auction! – for an update on these titles and other Austens at auction over the past month see here:

2 thoughts on “

  1. All I can say Deb, is that i wish that I could own these and, will a Kindle screen in the far flung future be able to command such prices or indeed any interest at all ?

    “Long live books!! Long live the revolution!! ”

    Oh sorry, that’s my 1960’s political leanings coming to the fore. ha! ha! (I’m getting carried away now.)


    • Ah yes Tony – maybe all the Austen bloggers could pool their resources, buy the thing and give it to Chawton House Library??

      Long live your 1960s political leanings! – did we meet in London in 1968 rioting about something?

      And of course, long live BOOKS – where would I be if the world only read their kindles?


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