Austen on the Block! ~ Jane Austen’s Emma Sells High

The first edition Emma that I wrote about here, the one with the interesting John Hawkshaw bookplate, sold yesterday (March 19, 2013) at Bonham’s London for £8,125 (inc. premium) or about $12,312. –  about in line with the original estimate at the November 2012 auction of £6,000 – 8,000  (€7,400 – 9,900;  US$ 9,500 – 13,000), and substanitally higher than the estimate for this auction: £4,000 – 5,000 (€4,600 – 5,800;  US$ 6,100 – 7,700).

Emma bonhams 3-2013

c2013 Jane Austen in Vermont

4 thoughts on “Austen on the Block! ~ Jane Austen’s Emma Sells High

  1. I always have mixed feelings when I read about these auctions. On the one hand, I am delighted to see that my favorite author is so highly prized as to reach these sale prices. On the other, I am only reminded with each one that these books are now even a little more out of my own reach! LOL (Not to mention, I always feel a little bit sad that Jane Austen never received the remuneration for her books that she would have liked or deserved.)

    My own most precious of her books is an 1838 edition of Pride and Prejudice, which I often like to hold, if only to wonder about the many hands, eyes and personal histories it must have passed through in the last 175 years.


    • I agree Tess – especially about Austen receiving so little for her work – but such is the marketplace! I would like to know who the buyer is – an individual or an institution – shall find out soon I am sure…

      How lovely you have such an early edition! – which one is it?

      Thanks for stopping by Tess,


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